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Celebrating our 15th Year of Unparalleled Service

Your office has unrelenting determination, outside the box approach to problem solving and exceptional attention to detail. We look forward to having you guys drive our next project to completion

Brian West
Westco Development Corp

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About Johnston Group


Developing our future through leadership

At Johnston Group, we believe that our extensive knowledge base and our leadership skills are what keep us at the forefront of the development and construction industry. To further our goal of becoming the icon of Florida development & construction, we seek professionals who present the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to maintain the Firm’s position at the front of the pack.

Due to the complexity of our business, Johnston Group provides a challenging and rewarding work experience. The Firm strives to maintain an environment where everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential. Problem-solving, interpersonal and managerial skills are essential in a business where Johnston Group manages the entire land development and construction process. Hard work, dedication and integrity are the trademarks of Johnston Group’s staff.

Building a career with Johnston Group

Join a team of qualified professionals who oversee the development and construction of major projects throughout Florida. We offer a challenging and rewarding work environment.

Our people

We try hard to select people who will enjoy working together, and then we work hard to do things to encourage them to stay.


We provide a comprehensive package of medical, dental, vision, group life, accidental death, and short- and long-term disability insurance.

Paid time off

We offer a generous package of paid vacation, holidays, and sick leave.


Johnston Group seeks to retain talented and capable employees by offering competitive wages. We closely monitor the salaries paid by other firms and adjust our wages accordingly to ensure we retain the best people in the business. We also offer year-end bonuses based on employee performance.

Working environment

People spend close to half of their waking hours at work. So we want this to be an enjoyable place for people to work. Our office is open, friendly and relaxed, yet professional and focused on providing our clients with high quality service.

Our promotion philosophy

Johnston Group is focused on building and maintaining a team of development and construction professionals that offer an unparalleled level of customer service. Ambition, loyalty and a strong work ethic are highly regarded qualities at Johnston Group. We respect those who strive to excel in our field and we promote employees that consistently prove themselves. Johnston Group is a drug-free workplace and is an equal opportunity employer.


Current Openings

Johnston Group is always looking for the brightest and best talent to join our growing team. While there are no specific openings, please feel free to send your resume to info@johnstongroupinc.com and we will contact you if we have a position available that may meet your qualifications.